They certainly don’t make them like they used to. There is something about the beauty of this man that makes me think I will never see its equal. Although, Marlon Brando is a good example of why we shouldn’t fall for someone just because they look like this
-beauty is indeed fleeting….


From Troy

From Troy

Yesterday was my birthday; I had a nice day with Julie, we were pretty hungover but perked up during the day. 3pm saw us running through the city centre in Geelong getting to a crucifixion – a guy we know who used to be pretty cool has converted to fairly radical Christianity and was playing Jesus in a public crucifixion. It was creepy and unusual – they set up a big cross on the busy pedestrian crossing in the middle of town, and had men dressed as Roman guards poking him with spears, and women wailing at his feet. Derek, who was playing Jesus, had a toga thingy on and had blood drawn all over him – he looked like he was having a real religious experience, it was creepy as. Have tried to upload a photo of him but it won’t work. Probably for the best.

– watched Annie Hall last night. Woody Allen is my dream man – at least he THINKS about things and analyses things in his mind. I found Annie a bit of a caricature.
– have been trying to resist overplanning my upcoming international trip. I have a lot of time on my hands at work and have been looking up places to stay etc. Once we get to the UK, though, everything is free and easy and open and unplanned, which is positive I think.
– I’m worried that my $900 bonus might not go through because the tax office probably still has my old address on my file and I didn’t receive the eligibility letter that they speak of and I’m worried it’s gone to the old address and that they might send a cheque there as well. But hopefully it will just go into my bank account like the tax refund did.
– I don’t know what has changed exactly but for some reason I haven’t been biting my nails and they now are quite long and strong and very nice looking.
– I haven’t done nearly enough work on my play and it is about 30 minutes too short. I know that I need to sit and just write and not expect every word to be perfect, and to actually draft properly and not leave it to the last minute. I think I like the idea of writing a play better than I like the actual sitting down and doing it. That is quite a terrifying thought. I am psyching myself out of writing it. I WANT to write it, I’m just NOT writing it.
– I have pretty much checked out of my work brain – I don’t really care anymore and I have spent the last two days doing absolutely no work and lots of internet surfing and sneaky reading of my book.
– I’m reading a book about Haitian voodoo and an ethnobotanist’s quest to find the recipe of a powder which makes people into zombies. His name is Wade Davis and it’s fascinating. This powder, which he thinks is made up of human bone shavings and datura (and other things…I’m not finished the book yet) puts people into such a deep coma that they appear dead. Then the application of another powder re-awakens them and you can keep them as slaves. I wouldn’t have believed it if it hadn’t been on ABC Science.
– I have a really weird problem in my trunk – some organ problem where I am getting weird crampy pains as if I’ve pulled the muscles that surround my organs or something. It’s something to do with my digestion. I should try some sort of detox I think.
– I seem to come up with my most interesting thoughts in emails to people and I worry that those thoughts and feelings are now lost, because I didn’t write them down on paper. I wish people would print out emails and keep them the way people used to keep letters.
– I was walking into a shopping centre the other day and trying not to fall over because my thongs had never felt rain on them before and were very slippery, and I saw an old woman with one of those push-trolley things that old ladies have for their shopping and she was using a touch-screen that shows you where the different shops are on an interactive map, and where the toilets are, and the escalators and the exits and that sort of thing. And all of a sudden I realised that I live in Beyond 2000! She looked like the future. It hit me how amazing that sight would be to someone of my grandparent’s age – they would never have expected to see something like that in their lifetime; a screen that was responding to someone’s touch. It also made me sad that we don’t talk to people anymore because computers tell us what we need to know. That is a big silly statement but I do miss the times (that I wasn’t even born in) where there was someone in the lift that told you what was on each floor. They still have those people in Japan so that’s nice to know.
– I’m not sure if I should sell my car when I go overseas or not. Every time I go overseas I think I’ll be gone for years and I end up running out of money or something and coming home earlier than I expected. If I do come home relatively soon it would be good to have my car to use when I get back. But the money could be useful to me in setting up a new life over there. I don’t know what to do.
– I think I may have poisoned myself by eating too many tictacs.

Katherine Mansfield Society Logo

Katherine Mansfield is my one and only obsession…. there’s a society dedicated to her and this is its website…. she’s my reason for living 🙂


Have just booked this place for a week in September and can hardly wait.  It’s in the Dordogne region, in a small village – going there with my Mum and Julie… perhaps the perfect setting for that film I’m yet to write… or at least the perfect place to start WRITING that film I’m yet to write.


I see a great deal of theatre; I work in theatre, I make theatre, I talk about theatre, I judge theatre. Etc. You get the picture.  I saw a show called “I Love You, Bro”, by Three to a Room (written by Adam Cass) recently, and it blew me away.  Not just because it’s incredible what one man can do alone on stage, particularly when he is relating to the audience conversations which happened on the internet.  But also the sheer power of the story he was telling – the true story of a teenage boy who incited his own attempted murder by befriending another young guy on the internet and building an intricate web of deception around him. Truly fascinating stuff. Vanity Fair did a really good article about it (the event, not the play) – read it here –

Get tickets to see the show at the Malthouse, Melbourne, here –,_BRO

Just do it, trust me.


I work in an arts organisation which administers grants to regional artists. One of my colleagues said yesterday that she had a phone call from an artist from Marysville (a town completely razed by fire this weekend) saying that she had posted her grant application Saturday morning but the post box had been burned down and could she re-submit it?! She was worried that she didn’t have the original documents because her house had been completely burned to the ground.  She wondered if she could have a few more days to rewrite the whole thing (her computer had been burned as well of course) and that she was determined to keep the project going!  Don’t know if that’s testament to the determination of artists, the determination of Australians, or a bit of both!