I see a great deal of theatre; I work in theatre, I make theatre, I talk about theatre, I judge theatre. Etc. You get the picture.  I saw a show called “I Love You, Bro”, by Three to a Room (written by Adam Cass) recently, and it blew me away.  Not just because it’s incredible what one man can do alone on stage, particularly when he is relating to the audience conversations which happened on the internet.  But also the sheer power of the story he was telling – the true story of a teenage boy who incited his own attempted murder by befriending another young guy on the internet and building an intricate web of deception around him. Truly fascinating stuff. Vanity Fair did a really good article about it (the event, not the play) – read it here –


Get tickets to see the show at the Malthouse, Melbourne, here –


Just do it, trust me.